Defending Our History, Getting Serious In Seattle, Confronting Communist China

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Defending Our History
For nearly 20 years we've been warned that Al Qaeda, ISIS and other radical Islamic supremacists would love to strike at the heart of America on the Fourth of July and any other holiday that goes to the heart of who we are. 
Our intelligence agencies, law enforcement and first responders always have to ramp up at the same time the rest of us are getting ready to celebrate, sing patriotic songs and set off fireworks. And once again this Fourth of July, those who protect us will be on high alert for those foreign enemies. 
But we will also be on high alert for the barbarians already inside the gates who would love nothing more than to spit in the eyes of patriotic Americans by tearing down the symbols of our freedom. That's where the American left has dragged the country over the few last decades. 
The Department of Homeland Security announced that Rapid Deployment Teams are being prepositioned at various locations across the country during the July 4th weekend in order to protect our national monuments and memorials. In a statement, DHS Secretary Chad Wolf declared:
"DHS is answering the President's call to use our law enforcement personnel across the country to protect our historic landmarks. We won't stand idly by while violent anarchists and rioters seek not only to vandalize and destroy the symbols of our nation, but to disrupt law and order and sow chaos in our communities."
Meanwhile, President Trump and Attorney General Barr are continuing tomethodically track down and prosecute the thugs who are destroying our history. 
The president knows there are serious complications with sending thousands of National Guardsmen into so many progressive-run cities. The black clad Antifa activists would scramble and slink back into the shadows. 
So as much as I would like to see a stronger response to the violence on the streets, the most effective thing we can do, though it doesn't provide a satisfying short-term solution, is to identify these violent anarchists, put them on trial and put them in prison.
Getting Serious In Seattle
Following multiple shootings in the anarchist controlled territory of CHAZ/CHOP, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan finally ordered police to move in this morning. You may recall that the mayor previously referred to the leftist occupation of her city as "a summer of love" with a "block party atmosphere."
What changed her mind? Well, it appears the mayor got really miffed when radical protesters showed up at her house! Who cares about the poor folks trapped in "Antifastan."
Moreover, Mayor Durkan is going to war against Kshama Sawant, a Marxist member of the Seattle City Council. Durkan is demanding that Sawant be expelled from the council! 
For once, I sympathize with the mayor. Sawant had the audacity to blame the latest CHAZ shooting on capitalism and "conservative media."
Confronting Communist China
With all the negative headlines, from Covid to riots, some things are not getting the attention they deserve. Here are a few stories you should know about. 
We have reported in the past that the Trump Administration is cracking down on communist China's extensive espionage at our college campuses. Recently, news broke that 54 scientists and researchers have been fired by the National Institutes of Health for failing to disclose their financial ties to the communist regime.
Last week, federal authorities in Louisville, Kentucky, announced that they had intercepted a shipment headed to Melbourne, Florida. It contained parts for more than 10,000 assault weapons. The shipment originated in communist China. I'm sure there's a benign explanation.
In addition, U.S. authorities in New York recently seized another shipment from China -- $800,000 worth of wigs made from human hair taken from ethnic Muslim Uighurs trapped in concentration camps in the Xinjiang region of the country.
A spokesman for the National Security Council said, "If this highly suspicious, 13-ton shipment of human hair indeed turns out to be linked to the Uighur concentration camps, then this is a new low -- even for the Chinese Communist Party."
But it gets worse. New reports indicate that births in the Xinjiang region have fallen dramatically, strongly indicating that the communist Chinese are using forced abortions and sterilizations to ethnically cleanse the region of its Uighur population.
Yesterday, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, on which I serve as a Trump-appointee, called on the administration and the United Nations to confront the communist Chinese over this clear evidence of genocide.
President Trump recently signed legislation authorizing new sanctions against Chinese Communist Party officials responsible for human rights abuses against the Uighur population. 
Good News
  • U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer reports that it has successfully conducted an initial test of a potential coronavirus vaccine. Additional testing will begin this month, and the company believes it can produce 100 million doses of the vaccine by the end of this year.
  • In related news, payroll company ADP reports that approximately 2.4 million jobs were created in June. The government will release its official June employment statistics tomorrow. 
  •  Manufacturing posted a stronger than expected rebound last month. 
  • And as more of the economy begins to reopen, consumer confidenceposted its biggest gain last month since 2011.