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Kavanaugh Cleared, Poll Position, Sanctions Kick In

Kavanaugh Cleared
Saturday night, the Senate Judiciary Committee released a 400-plus page report on the various investigations involving claims of sexual misconduct against then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Those investigations produced no evidence to back up the charges against him.
Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said:

Jobs Boom, Border Battles, Where's Robert

Jobs Boom
Fueled by pro-growth tax cuts and record regulation cuts, America's economy is firing on all cylinders!  More than 250,000 new jobs were created last month, beating economists' expectations of 190,000.  More than 30,000 new manufacturing jobs were created too.

Wages Pop, Another Victory, Pleasantly Surprised

Wages Pop
I hope you saw the great news yesterday. Wages surged in the third quarter -- up 3.1%. That's the biggest increase in ten years. 
It goes to show what can happen when business taxes are cut and regulations are reduced.  As Ronald Reagan used to say, get the government off our backs and get the bureaucrats out of the way, and the American people will get to work and get things done!

Consoler-In-Chief, Bend The Arc, Criminals & The Caravan

As we reported, President Trump and his family went to Pittsburgh yesterday.  They visited the synagogue where anti-Semite Robert Bowers murdered eleven innocent Jewish worshippers and they visited the hospital where Jewish doctors and nurses treated the injured, including Bowers.

 Trump Is Serious, Troops To The Border, Trump To Pittsburgh

Trump Is Serious
Yesterday offered more evidence that President Trump is as frustrated as the Americans who elected him about the wall the left has built around the White House to prevent him from securing our borders.

Saturday Slaughter, The Man Responsible, Shameful Demagoguery

Saturday Slaughter
Saturday's attack during a bris ceremony at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh by a disgusting anti-Semite and Trump-hater (more below) shocked the nation.  Eleven worshippers were killed and six people, including four police officers, were wounded.
Our hearts and prayers go out for those who were brutally murdered, their families and the entire Tree of Life community.

Strong Growth, Speaking Of The Border, Make Your Voice Heard

Strong Growth
Third quarter economic growth came in at a very strong 3.5% rate, beating economists' expectations. 

Mail Bombs vs. Scalise Shooting, Conservatives vs. Islamists, What's Next

Mail Bombs vs. Scalise Shooting
By late last night and continuing this morning with the discovery of new bomb-like devices, the package threats against leading liberals and media outlets is the only story dominating all the news. 

Migrant Army Marches On, Fighting Anti-Semitism, Bombs Intercepted

Migrant Army Marches On
There were several developments yesterday regarding the migrant army marching toward our border that the mainstream media are attempting to ignore. 

Fear & Loathing From The Left, What's Really Happening, Who's Coming

Fear & Loathing From The Left
Today's Washington Post and the New York Times essentially ran the same story alleging that Donald Trump is exploiting fear and using "racially tinged rhetoric" to fire up his supporters.