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Politicized Intelligence, Liberals Take A Hard-Left Turn

Politicized Intelligence

Another Leftist Meltdown, Media Myth Busting, Netflix Crashes

Another Leftist Meltdown

Helsinki Summit, The War Party, Hillary Invokes Slavery

Helsinki Summit

12 Russians Indicted, Smirks, Smugness & Strzok, Faith Under Fire

12 Russians Indicted

Trump Wins Again, They're Back, Left-wing Lunacy

Trump Wins Again

NATO Knockdown, Kavanaugh's Conservativism, Understanding Roe

NATO Knockdown

Kavanaugh To The Court, The Fight Ahead, Trump To NATO

Kavanaugh To The Court

Tonight's The Night, All About Abortion, Harassment Continues

Tonight's The Night

Breaking Pruitt, On the Verge in Venezuela

Breaking Pruitt

Disqualified By Faith In God, Losing Pride in America, The Banner Of Blindness

Disqualified By Faith In God 

Increasingly, sources here in Washington say that President Trump will nominate U.S. Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.  The long-experienced Kavanaugh will have broad support among conservatives, including me.